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Air Duct Cleaning in Cache Valley

Did you know nationally conducted tests by the EPA have shown that indoor air quality is actually more polluted than outdoor air? The culprit is dirty air ducts. Dirt, debris, dust mites and a host of allergens collect inside air ducts. Not only does it reduce the healthiness of the air we breathe but increases the need for interior dusting and cleaning.

ZEROREZ® offers a comprehensive approach to cleaning your entire air duct system using NADCA certified equipment. Our powerful truck mounted cleaning system delivers the most effective air duct cleaning available by using an advanced rotary brush to scrub clean the interior walls of your ducts and vacuums the dust, debris and contaminants out to our service truck. We clean each individual vent, both the heat registers and cold air returns.
Our Duct Cleaning System:
* Scrubs the interior walls of your duct system

* Loosens dirt, debris & contaminants

* Removes the dirt and debris out to our truck

* Reduces the airborne particulates that often exacerbate allergies and asthma

* Promotes a healthier indoor environment

* Vacuums debris out of your home or business
Breathe easier…and healthier…with air duct cleaning from ZEROREZ®.

Air filters are also available. Ask your technician for details!